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As of Wednesday April 23, 2014


5 Year Bond 1.748% -0.60%
7 Year Bond 2.282% -0.34%
10 Year Bond 2.697% -0.03%
30 Year Bond 3.485% +0.75%
LIBOR 30-DAY    0.1523%
Market Data by Xignite


  • $9.1 million fixed-rate Freddie Mac CME loan
  • Multifamily - 96 units
  • Longmont, Colorado 
  • $8 million fixed-rate Fannie Mae DUS loan
  • Manufactured Housing Community - 218 units
  • Bellingham, Washington 
  • $7.4 million Freddie Mac adjustable rate loan 
  • Multifamily - 185 units
  • North Highlands, California 
  • Fixed-rate Freddie Mac CME loan
  • Multifamily - 252 units
  • Montgomery, Alabama 
  • $23.1 million fixed-rate FHA 232/223(f) loan
  • Seniors Housing - 281-bed skilled nursing facility 
  • Chicago, Illinois 


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Treasury Constant Maturities

As published on: 22 April, 2014
1-month 0.02
3-month 0.03
6-month 0.06
1-year 0.11
2-year 0.45
3-year 0.93
5-year 1.76
7-year 2.31
10-year 2.73
20-year 3.25
30-year 3.50