Our People

The Beech Street team is spirited, streamlined, tightly knit, and seamlessly integrated. From production and underwriting, to capital markets, to closing and legal, to asset management and servicing. Each of the disciplines, expert in its area, coordinates with the other units to move the process forward quickly, smoothly, and with certainty.

Senior Management:

Grace Huebscher
Jeff Lee
Elie Tannous
Philip S. Spellberg
Marsha Baumgarner
Michael Edelman

National Originations Team:

Chad Thomas Hagwood
Kristen Croxton
Tyler Griffin
Greg Reed
Josh Rosen
James F. Sherman
Chuck Christensen
Damon Reed
Brian Sykes
Doug Taylor
Carolyn Whatley
Michael Byrnes
Charlie Mentzer
Allison Eisendrath
Shane Weeks


As of Monday April 21, 2014


5 Year Bond 1.73% -0.27%
7 Year Bond 2.30% -0.13%
10 Year Bond 2.72% +0.21%
30 Year Bond 3.52% -0.36%
LIBOR 30-DAY    0.1522%
Market Data by Xignite


  • $9.1 million fixed-rate Freddie Mac CME loan
  • Multifamily - 96 units
  • Longmont, Colorado 
  • $8 million fixed-rate Fannie Mae DUS loan
  • Manufactured Housing Community - 218 units
  • Bellingham, Washington 
  • $7.4 million Freddie Mac adjustable rate loan 
  • Multifamily - 185 units
  • North Highlands, California 
  • Fixed-rate Freddie Mac CME loan
  • Multifamily - 252 units
  • Montgomery, Alabama 
  • $23.1 million fixed-rate FHA 232/223(f) loan
  • Seniors Housing - 281-bed skilled nursing facility 
  • Chicago, Illinois 


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