Now that we are part of Capital One Bank,
we have even more to offer you.

From the time we started, we moved rapidly
into the front ranks of Fannie, Freddie, and FHA lenders.
With a reputation for certainty and speed.

Our early borrowers brought us more borrowers.

And now we can offer them, and you, even more.

More options. More choices.
Some could be yours. Call us.

Beech Street is proud to now be part of Capital One´┐Ż, and our commitment to great service is even stronger


  • $7.4 million Freddie Mac adjustable rate loan 
  • Multifamily - 185 units
  • North Highlands, California 
  • Fixed-rate Freddie Mac CME loan
  • Multifamily - 252 units
  • Montgomery, Alabama 
  • $23.1 million fixed-rate FHA 232/223(f) loan
  • Seniors Housing - 281-bed skilled nursing facility 
  • Chicago, Illinois 
  • Fixed-Rate Freddie Mac CME loan 
  • Mulitfamily - 260 units
  • San Antonio, Texas 
  • $9.6 million fixed-rate Fannie Mae loans
  • Manufactured Housing - 591 pads across three communities 
  •  Glendale and Flagstaff, Arizona 


As of Wednesday April 16, 2014


5 Year Bond 1.62% +0.30%
7 Year Bond 2.19% +0.62%
10 Year Bond 2.64% +0.75%
30 Year Bond 3.47% +0.79%
LIBOR 30-DAY    0.1514%
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April 24-25, San Francisco, CA 

2013 National Congress & Expo, April 29-May 1, Las Vegas, NV

MBA Commercial/Multifamily Servicing and Technology Conference,
May 4-7, Phoenix, AZ 

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“What makes Beech Street different - and better than the
other commercial lenders - is the sense that they are looking to find
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